- redefining indoor positioning

- redefining indoor positioning

We are launching a completely AI-based indoor positioning system

Introducing the world's first robust indoor positioning system that operates independently from external communication tools. 


Our groundbreaking solution is powered by powerful AI-driven algorithms, meticulously trained on the world's largest proprietary dataset.

The system sets new standards for accessibility, affordability, and precise positioning...

...revolutionizing the way we navigate indoor spaces

tt2 brings the blue dot indoors

We take positioning where the GPS can’t – enabling countless opportunities for countless industries.


Traditional Outdoor  GPS Positioning

The GPS and other satellite-based positioning systems commonly used for outdoor positioning (as in Google or Apple maps), require satellite signals reaching the user’s device. When indoors, these signals typically weaken to the point where they fail to position the user sufficiently. This is where indoor positioning systems (IPSs) can create value.

tt2 Indoor Positioning

tt2’s indoor positioning runs completely isolated from external signals and only relies on the device’s sensor data, allowing tt2 to take positioning where the GPS can’t. Everything that is done with outside positioning today – spatial analytics, location-based messaging, and real-time navigation – is made possible indoors with tt2.

Why tt2

Existing indoor positioning solutions are too complicated & costly

The current IPS market consists of solutions that may showcase sufficient performance, but require costly and time consuming installations of external hardware (e.g., UWB, iBeacons, Wi-Fi triangulation). 

This is why the IPS market has not taken off and also why tt2 stands out.

tt2’s AI makes indoor positioning simple & affordable


Unlike other IPS providers tt2’s AI-powered IPS runs independently from any external signals. All you need is our SDK, a map, and a device with a gyroscope and an accelerometer (as most mobile devices have). No external hardware, no venue-specific tuning, no hassle. 

Welcome to the simple and affordable future of indoor positioning.

tt2 Software is unique and scalable


The tt2 software, designed for simple and intuitive integration, can be installed on mobile phones and existing mobile computers as long as they have an accelerometer and gyroscope.


System Overview

General Overview

The tt2 system is a revolutionary positioning system for mobile devices. Unlike all other positioning systems we have come across, tt2 is not dependent on any external signals.
The system requires that the device can provide accelerometer and gyroscope values. It can be deployed at any venue without setting up any infrastructure or doing venue-specific tuning. Together with our map-generation tool, a venue can be configured in minimal time. The only requirement to set up a new venue is to provide the tt2 system with a floorplan. 
The tt2 system can be started in multiple ways. The most trivial start mode is using a fixed-point reference, such as a QR-code or a cradle storage location. Other possibilities are to start the system via external sources such as Wi-Fi-signals or GPS-signals together with a magnetometer.

The tt2 system is highly adaptable for different use cases and can be customized to suit a multitude of venues with differing requirements. We have set up a standardized test that allow us to show the overall system accuracy for tt2. Depending on the chosen setup, the expected accuracy can differ in both directions.*

The system provides a position in real time, only using the computing power of the device. The system also provides a map which rotates so that it always “follows” the physical store. This removes any ambiguities in how the map is rotated for the end user, making for an easier navigation experience. The rotation signal is instant which makes the whole user experience feel responsive.

* We have identified several factors that impact the accuracy of venues. The size of the venue impacts the accuracy where the expected accuracy is better at smaller venue. The start method can also have an impact on the expected accuracy. A start method that references the device to an exact position, such as QR/barcode-scans or cradle pickup, will give the most accurate positioning.

System Performance

Summarized accuracy as of 2023-09-08*


tt2 brings the blue dot indoors — seamlessly


Traditional Outdoor GPS positioning

When the user is outdoors, there is no reason not to use the GPS.

Once the user steps inside, and the device looses GPS signal, tt2 can seamlessly take over using the last GPS position as starting point. 

Indoor Positioning

From GPS to tt2 

Let tt2 take over when the GPS looses signal, creating a seamless positioning experience for the user.

A seamless positioning experience available anywhere, anytime.


Possibilities with Indoor Positioning

Spatial analytics indoors

Discover the movement patterns, popular zones, user flows, customer journeys, and more with spatial analytics powered by tt2 positioning.

Location-based communication indoors

Enhance your communication by making it location based. Use it for automated messaging, targeted marketing, and much more.

Real-time indoor navigation

Help your users get from A to B faster with high-precision, real-time indoor navigation.

Indoor positioning has never been so simple – Get started in 3 steps


Server set-up

from 1 hour*

We can host the servers, or we can share a Docker image if you choose to host them yourself. Either way, we will help you with the set-up to make it as quick and easy as possible.

* tt2 will assist you in your set-up


Create venue map

from 15 min

tt2 needs to know where it will deliver its position to. Use our map generator, MapGen, to generate a digital representation of your venue from a simple floor plan image. Place barcodes and information in your venue to track interactions. We’ll help you get started with the tools.


Integrate the tt2 SDK

from 30 min

The tt2 SDK has been designed for simple and intuitive use to make it easily integrated into your iOS or Android application. See code examples om our tt2 SDK documentation page to speed up your development. Of course we can help you through 1-on-1 consulting as well.


tt2 is now up and running

Whether you are using tt2 for spatial analytics, communicating with your users at the right space and time, or creating a brilliant indoor navigation application, tt2 is here to help you reach your vision.


Endless possibilities for using indoor positioning in a new way


Whatever your use case may be, we are sure that tt2 can help bring value. Curious of how to utilise indoor positioning in your case?

We give you the best indoor positioning system ever. The rest we leave to your imagination